under a dead ohio sky

Thursday, December 15, 2005

strick 9 in your bones

what an unfathomably horrible person, that linda girl. you can't just..be irresponsible...and then have a kid, because you were irresponsible. and then latch on to your kid, but not as your child just as this weird way to take stabs at your parents WHO ARE RAISING YOUR CHILD. "if i'm old and mature enough to have a baby then that means i can talk on the phone as much as i want." just.. no. you can't do that. it's wrong. it's wrong and you're a terrible person.

so then it hit me. i took the first two and i was feeling it when will and jess left for work. then.. i took another at some point during the night. and everything went crazy for a little while.

i explored a few places in my brain that i don't want to remember too much, but then again i really really want to remember just so i'll have that in my data file somewhere. just a memory of WHERE THE FUCK I WAS.

and then i chillllllled out.

acid, it's sticky shit
tricky shit
it'll take you up and then
drag you by the nose to nonsense
spastic and slipping
and everything is beautiful
it's your world on acid.
acid gum drops, the sky's falling
and we need some sugar to stop
it and again we break for

a cigarette.

(and then i took another hit and a half of LSD. and it got inside my skull)